Tracker Upload Manager is an optional add-on to Tracker Mobile which helps busy consultancies with the administration associated with incoming data from surveyors.



With Tracker Upload Manager installed, as data is received by the server:


  • the surveyor will receive a text message or email to confirm that their data has been accepted
  • the admin team will be emailed so that they know the records have arrived
  • the backup "XML" copies of the data will be filed within the project folder for that job in case the data needs to be checked or accessed in the future
  • (new in v1.0.69) a fail-safe comparison is made to cross- and double-check that the data in the XML has reached the Tracker database successfully with email notification of any problem.



Tracker Upload Manager runs silently as a service on the Tracker server and requires no manual intervention.


         Tracker Upload Manager in action




New Tracker and Alpha Tracker modules are available
We've updated asbestos software modules Tracker Upload Manager and AlphaValidator. Both have a number of new features and performance improvements. Get in touch with the support desk for more information or if you need help to update your system.

[Aug 19, 2016 1:46:54 PM, New Tracker and Alpha Tracker modul]




Tracker Upload Manager update available
We've just released an updated version of Tracker Upload Manager.  The update (v1.0.275 SVN57) is downloadable from This new version of the module has improved processing for close-up photos, especially those which have been annotated on site within Tracker Mobile (see

[Jul 15, 2016 2:29:56 PM, Tracker Upload Manager update avail]




Tracker Upload Manager software update available
We've posted a bug-fix update to Tracker Upload Manager (the module that handles asbestos survey data transfer from Android or Apple smartphone or tablet to asbestos software Alpha Tracker). Tracker Upload Manager runs silently on your Alpha Tracker server This update is known as v1.0.232 SVN50 and improves the way that cover sheet (front page) asbestos report photos are handled in particular

[Apr 29, 2016 9:02:03 AM, Tracker Upload Manager software upd]



Busy week! New software updates, new clients, new staff
We've had a busy week with more software updates released for our asbestos software system Alpha Tracker, new clients coming on board and new staff learning the ropes too. Some of the software updates released this week include: Tracker Upload Manager v1.0.220 SVN45 with improved handling of un-processed data Alpha Tracker Document Maker v1.4.560 SVN111 with new facilities to colour-code table

[Sep 11, 2015 8:01:38 AM, Busy week! New software updates, ne]



Tracker Upload Manager v1.0.203 SVN40 released
Tracker Upload Manager is a key component of Alpha Tracker, our software system for asbestos consultancies, asbestos surveyors and other environmental specialists. Tracker Upload Manager processes data from field staff (data transmitted from Tracker Mobile, our Android and Apple app) once a surveyor has checked the data and confirmed that all is ready to send. This latest release of Tracker

[Feb 16, 2015 7:48:36 AM, Tracker Upload Manager v1.0.203 SVN



Tracker Upload Manager latest version
v1.0.322 SVN66 which has a new setting for "SkipSampleSorting" when preparing Alpha Validator email.
Tracker Upload Manager
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