Tracker Document Maker Service saves your admin staff time, effort and inconvenience.


It runs on your server generating documents requested by Alpha Tracker users and then emailing the user to tell them that their document is ready.


With Tracker Document Maker Service running on your server, this is the typical process:

  • the Alpha Tracker user requests a document (eg a survey report) as normal
  • the request is logged in a queue
  • Tracker Document Maker Service processes each request in turn, generating and saving the document as normal
  • a PDF of the document is created
  • the user is emailed when the document is ready, with both the document and the PDF files attached to the email for easy accesss.




Alpha Tracker Document Maker update available
Adam has just finished an update to Alpha Tracker Document Maker to support better resizing of PDF plans/drawings. Alpha Tracker Document Maker web page You can download and install the update (known as v1.4.967 SVN 188) from here or contact our support desk and we can update your Alpha Tracker asbestos system for you.

[Feb 13, 2017 11:46:48 AM, Alpha Tracker Document Maker update]



New version of Alpha Tracker Document Maker available
Adam has just finished an update to ATDM (known as v1.4.906 SVN179) which supports improved text formatting including conditional bold and coloured text in asbestos reports and other documents. Please contact support if you would like this update applying to your server.

[Jan 13, 2017 11:29:26 AM, New version of Alpha Tracker Docume]



Alpha Tracker Document Maker update released
Further to the bug-fix update of the asbestos report production system Alpha Tracker Document Maker we released in March, we've updated ATDM again this week to version v1.4.820 SVN162 with a number of improvements relating to tables with formatted cells. Asbestos reports produced using asbestos software Alpha Tracker can have tables with cells and rows colour-coded or formatted in other ways

[Apr 11, 2016 8:14:18 AM, Alpha Tracker Document Maker update]



Bug-fix release of Alpha Tracker Document Maker available
We had some valuable feedback from one of our asbestos consultancy clients flagging up a possible bug in our Alpha Tracker Document Maker module which was affecting report production when a close-up photo had not been taken for a sample. The feedback enabled us to check our code and release a bug-fix as version v.4.185 SVN153 which is now available for download from

[Feb 10, 2016 6:49:33 PM, Bug-fix release of Alpha Tracker Do]



Tracker Document Maker Service update available
We've responded to customer requests to have an option within asbestos systems Tracker and Alpha Tracker for generated documents (typically, drafts) to be emailed without needing to be saved. For example, when generating early drafts of an asbestos survey report or an asbestos survey method statement it may not be necessarily to have the original document saved and taking up space on the server

[Jan 21, 2016 9:28:24 AM, Tracker Document Maker Service upda]



Document Requests latest version
v1.0.165 SVN39 with option to email documents without saving them
Document Requests v1.0.165
Compressed archive in ZIP format [53.4 KB]
Alpha Tracker Document Maker latest version
ATDM v1.4.1014 SVN195 - Code added for "DCR_XML_Export".
Alpha Tracker Document Maker v1.4.1014.z[...]
Compressed archive in ZIP format [277.4 KB]

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