Why spend time each day, each week and each month collating vital business data when Tracker Dashboard can do it for you?

Tracker Dashboard sends automated, personalised emails to anyone in your company (or outside!) with the information they need to run their part of the business.


Some examples of emails sent include:

  • weekly sales data by office
  • lists of open quotations that need chasing
  • overdue asbestos reports 
  • lab samples ready to analyse
  • surveyor comparison data for UKAS to inspect
  • staff utilitisation data
  • or literally anything else that can be read from Tracker data!


A few minutes with a Start Software consultant configuring Tracker Dashboard emails can save you hours each month and automate your business operations.




Tracker Dashboard update available

We've updated Tracker Dashboard, the software module within our asbestos system Tracker and Alpha Tracker that produces daily/weekly/monthly dashboard emails. The latest release, v1.0.254 SVN53, is a bug-fix release and is available for immediate download from If you need help updating the system, please do get in touch.

[Nov 25, 2015 12:17:43 PM, Tracker Dashboard update available]



Tracker Dashboard v1.0.250 SVN52 released
The latest update to Tracker Dashboard is now available for download from This is a minor update and has improved email processing with better email address verification. Asbestos and other environmental consultancies running Tracker or Alpha Tracker use Tracker Dashboard to send automated emails to staff with action lists, company

[Feb 13, 2015 1:51:58 PM, Tracker Dashboard v1.0.250 SVN52 re]



Latest Tracker Dashboard released
The latest update to Tracker Dashboard is now available for download from This is a minor update and is not needed unless you are having problems with alert emails not being delivered.  Tracker Dashboard v1.0.246 SVN51 has improved processing of "blind copies" (BCC) email recipients to suit more mail servers. Asbestos and other

[Oct 10, 2014 1:02:18 AM, Latest Tracker Dashboard released]



Latest support statistics from Start Software
We are very careful to log and track every call for assistance from our clients.  We can help our customers by telephone and PC remote control 24x7 and we typically receive more than 450 calls each month on our help desk number, 0845 612 2402. In May, we resolved 458 calls for assistance and 403 of those were resolved in the time-scales requested by the caller.  That's really pretty good

[Jun 2, 2014 12:19:08 PM, Latest support statistics from Star]



Tracker Dashboard v1.0.240 SVN49 released
A brand new version of Tracker Dashboard is now available for download from This version, v1.0.240 SVN49, has had the emailing code completely rewritten for improved performance and reliability.  It also now has the capability of connecting to the latest email servers and secure servers operating on unusual ports. Tracker Dashboard is

[May 30, 2014 2:05:55 PM, Tracker Dashboard v1.0.240 SVN49 re]




Tracker Dashboard latest version
v1.0.254 SVN53 with various bugs fixed relating to grouped dashboards
Tracker Dashboard v1.0.254
Compressed archive in ZIP format [85.3 KB]

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