Tracker Air is our air monitoring (4-stage clearance) module for Alpha Tracker.


Analysts in the field use their Android and Apple smartphones or tablets (tablets are best suited for this job for easier drawing of plans) to capture data, photos and drawings, with the app auto-calculating the required results.


The certificates and other paperwork can then be printed via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to a mobile printer whilst on-site.  The original data, photos and plans are uploaded automatically to the server for safe-keeping and analysis via the usual fast and secure upload mechanism.


Analysts can use existing asbestos survey and reinspection Tracker Mobile devices - no new hardware is needed apart from the mobile printer!


The format of the on-site paperwork can be customised with your company and UKAS logo - we provide a standard certificate format to get you started and then we or you can customise the paperwork to suit.


See Tracker Air in action in the demonstration videos below. This first video demonstrates the Cleanliness app, showing you what information is captured and how you navigate through the screens. 





The second video shows you how to capture data using the Reoccupation app. It includes all four stages, as well as sampling, photographs, site diagrams and how to print from the app.

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