Resource Tracker Sync enables you to communicate the Tracker diary to your staff via Google Calendars or a corporate Exchange system.


Appointments booked into the normal Alpha Tracker diary will automatically be pushed across to the staff member's own Google or Exchange personal calendar.


You can choose what information to send over including:

  • the project number
  • site address and postcode
  • links to Google Maps
  • special notes or risks
  • any other information from the Tracker database!


The price for the software includes the installation and setup of the Calendar Sync.




How to sync iPhones to an Alpha Tracker-synced Google Calendar
Asbestos software Alpha Tracker's built-in calendar and scheduling tools can sync to Google calendars (and Exchange calendars) so that staff can see their work diaries by looking on their phones, tablets or on a PC.  This is a really popular feature which means that staff always know what they are supposed to be doing - when and where! On an Android device this "just works" and there is no

[Apr 12, 2016 3:43:50 AM, How to sync iPhones to an Alpha Tra]



Daily diary summaries from Google Calendar
I blogged a couple of weeks ago to explain how to be automatically reminded of appointments created through Resource Tracker Sync.  Resource Tracker Sync enables asbestos surveyors and other staff to have their diaries available on their PC, smartphone or tablet with their diaries automatically updated from the Tracker or Alpha Tracker calendar. There is another feature in Google Calendars which

[Jul 26, 2013 6:49:52 AM, Daily diary summaries from Google C]



Reminders with Resource Tracker Sync
Resource Tracker Sync is one of the Tracker and Alpha Tracker asbestos software system modules.  It is used to automatically synchronise the Tracker work calendars across to Google Calendars or Microsoft Exchange calendars so that asbestos surveyors and other staff can access their diaries on whatever device they choose. We use Resource Tracker Sync ourselves and up to now the only problem

[Jul 26, 2013 6:34:06 AM, Reminders with Resource Tracker Syn]




Resource Tracker Sync v1.5 SVN24 released
This is a major release of Resource Tracker Sync with a number of new features, improved performance and increased reliability when communicating with Google servers. Changes include: more flexible templates for events as they sync to Google calendars better processing of waiting updates to avoid situations where a slow response from Google can lead to updates to appointments failing to sync

[Mar 24, 2013 7:02:39 PM, Resource Tracker Sync v1.5 SVN24 re]




Resource Tracker Google Sync launched
Back in September we announced that Resource Tracker Google Sync was in beta. We're proud to announce that it is now on general release and can be ordered via the office (by email or phone 0845 612 2402) or direct from our online shop Resource Tracker Google Sync is a brand new Tracker module which keeps Google calendars updated for all your staff so that they

[Jan 23, 2013 7:56:45 PM, Resource Tracker Google Sync launch]


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