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Alpha Tracker was launched in Australia in July 2013 to partner with its sister company, Start Software based in the​ United Kingdom.


Start Software is an award-winning software development and consulting business.  


We have been designing and building software since 2006 from our offices in Australia and the UK.  


The software we create is easy-to-use, fast and reliable.





Alpha Tracker is an automated asbestos surveying and asbestos register software system which will save every asbestos surveyor or consultancy $1000s a month.​​


Alpha Tracker delivers all of the benefits of Tracker - the world's most effective and efficient asbestos surveying system - using technology designed for the web, mobile devices and the cloud.


Alpha Tracker runs in any web browser without the need to download or install any software whatsoever - it could not be easier to get up and running.​


If you are considering moving your asbestos surveying systems "to the cloud", Alpha Tracker is ide​al for your business as it is perfectly designed to be installed and operated from remote "cloud" servers.


Alpha Tracker improves your asbestos surveying business at every step:




Before the survey - reduce your admin and improve your scheduling.


Produce survey reports with one click - and in your survey report format.


Help your surveyors with on-site data capture and instant upload.


Share your reports and asbestos registers over the web by giving clients a Client Portal login.


Improve your lab by increasing automation and reducing their paperwork.


Invoice the job and close it off - Alpha Tracker has saved you time and made you money.


Alpha Tracker is powered by Alpha Anywhere from Alpha Software.​​​


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